Top 3 Skincare Tips

1. No fragrance 

Anything with fragrance has the potential to irritate the skin. Always read the ingredients even if the products states fragrance free chances are it still probably does. Many products (too many) will have fragrance listed on their ingredient list, so it is up to us to read.

2. Read ingredients

Further to my last post always make sure you read the ingredients before making a purchase. After wasting so much money myself on bad skincare i try my best now to read what i am buying even if i don’t really understand half the words on there, its definitely worth having a look and doing a few google searches. Knowing the good and bad ingredients can be so helpful when purchasing products specifically for your skin.

If you have heard of a good ingredient its always good to check the therapeutic percentage of the product. For example Salicylic acid should range around 2 percent in a product for it to actually do its job. Anything lower and there’s no point using it.

3. Layering products in the right order

I have always been so confused when doing a skincare routine, how many products to apply on the skin, which ones go first and what products should not go together (so confusing).After months of being my own guinea pig and researching, i think i have finally figured it out. 

Active ingredients first – these are the key ingredients that you want the maximum goodness out of e.g Niacinamide.

Then apply your moisturisers – my favourites are Aveeno and Cerave.

After this you can finish off with a facial oil, but this is totally optional. The one i like to use is Rosehip Oil.

This is why sometimes wearing the right stuff but in the wrong order can make your skin feel the total opposite of hydrated.

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With Love A.

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