The Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a great Antioxidant, Anti bacterial, Anti inflammatory and can be used as an Antiseptic. And it is so cheap!
This is the number one thing everyone needs in their skincare routine.

Uses of tea tree oil
If you have acne prone skin it will help with itchiness and redness and because of its anti inflammatory properties it will help reduce any further swelling. It can also
help with controlling acne and getting rid of scars and will aid in healing.

It helps with making your skin glow and feel hydrated and can help prevent blackheads. Just mix a few drops into your favourite moisturiser and apply to your face as normal. It can prevent and dry out blackheads, to do this use the oil as a disinfectant massage onto face making a lather and rinse off.

It can also help with sinus and congestion as it can destroy bad bacteria that causes congestion. With this again mix it with some of you body moisturizer and use it as a balm to help get rid of congestion.

Mixing tea tree oil with olive oil and massaging over areas where you have developed a rash can help reduce appearance of it.

Apply directly onto warts and it can aid in minimising them and getting rid of them completely.
Tea tree oil can also help with nail care. mix the oil with jojoba oil and it can be used to soften cuticles.

If you shave your face like me it is a good thing to apply after that it will act as a disinfectant this is something I have been doing and I have not got any spots or marks at all. I was so pleased when my skin was clear after applying this so now it’s part of my routine it also helps to heal cuts too which is great because sometimes after shaving they aren’t visible but they are there.

The 3 that i use and love and are on the more affordable side are :

Tea Tree Oil by the body shop

Superdrug Tea Tree Essential Oil

NATURA PUR Organic Tea Tree Oil 50 ml 

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With Love A. 

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