The Beauty Of Oils

Oils are the best ! What people dont know is that they can be used for loads of different things other than just to cook with. I wish I had known this earlier but they are great for your face, body and hair too.

Facial oils
Grapeseed oil has anti inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, this means it is great for acne prone skin it will reduce swelling, redness and will even out the skintone. However it has to be used consistently to make a difference.

Jojoba oil is a great moisturiser with it being a humectant it can give your skin a protective barrier so you don’t lose moisture. The way this oil is made up it is so similar to the sebum that is naturally produced in our bodies that the skin cant tell the difference therefore it can control sebum production and because its non-comodogenic there is less chance of it clogging up the skin.

Rose hip oil is one of the best oils to effectively reduce the appearance of dry patches and Marks or scarring. It works to reduce hyperpigmentation. This is when too much melanin production causes dark spots on the face. This oil contains lycopene and beta carotene which are skin lightening properties therefore can help in the reduction of these dark patches.
It is a very hydrating oil and help to exfoliate and brighten the skin.
It is also known to protect against sun damage due to it being rich in vitamins a c and e and containing antioxidants.

Squalane oil helps with improving the skin’s elasticity and is a great moisturizer as it has great emollient properties. The molecular makeup is very similar to natural skin so it can go deep into the skin’s barrier. It is also an effective way to fight off free radicals which basically means it is a powerful anti ageing oil.

These oils are best used when a few drops are mixed into your favourite moisturiser or at the end of your skincare routine as the last thing to go onto your face.

Body oils
Use Heavy oils for the body as the skin is not as delicate as face. Mixing oils in your body lotion can be a great way of incorporating them in your skincare routine. However when doing this the oil should be at 1:3 ratio which means the body lotion should be 3 times more than the oil.

Avocoda oil is great for inflamed or itchy skin as it is a good source of vitamin e. It also contains potassium, lecithin and oleic acid which is a great ingredient that helps produce collagen and increases and stimulates the healing process of the skin.

Olive oil is rich in vitamin a and e and is full of antioxidants. Free radicals is what you don’t want on your skin as they can be the cause of ageing. Because this oil is an antioxidant it prevents oxidation which is one of the main causes that produce free radicals. Therefore it can prevent the skin from ageing as it prevent free radicals.

Sesame seed oil helps produce healthy skin cells by increasing collagen production which can in turn prevent wrinkles and shrink pores.

Hair oils
Argan oil is one of the best oils for all hair types best to apply this to damp hair.
It can help reduce frizz and protects each strand of hair from breakage. The antioxidants it contains when stimulated into hair follicles can promote cell production and can help keep the scalp healthy. It can help your hair to be healthy and thick and grow long fast.

Coconut oil works best for more curly or coarse hair also apply when hair is damp.
When massaged into the scalp it can help fight against problems like dandruff, headlice and insect bites. It also stimulates hair growth when it gets deep into hair follicles. You can also use a little amount as a serum at the of your routine as it can give shine and softeness to your hair.

Black castor oil is a very heavy oil that will help if your hair is thinning – use this as a mask for best results especially if it is damaged from heat or dye. Ensuring you really massage the scalp to stimulate hair the hair follicles will help its growth.

— When applying hair masks you can apply a hair cap on top to make it work better, alternatively you can also use a towel to do this too, just wrap it up around your hair to further condition the hair.
— Try using an oil based shampoo
— Using a cleansing oil to remove makeup
— Use little amount of oil to moisturise if you have dry skin
— Mix oils in with your body wash

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With love A.

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