Me Before You Review

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes2012    481 pages 

This book is one that everyone should read, if they want a good laugh or if they want a good cry. 

The story begins with Louisa Clarke, a very likeable and quirky character and how after losing her job she finds herself out of work. After a lot of job hunting, she finds herself landing a job with a very rich family and her job being to look after Will Traynor – an adventure loving young man who is disabled due to a horrific accident. 
JoJo Moyes really brings the characters to life and is very realistic in the way she writes. The way she portrays Will and Lou’s meeting, and the way they are with each other at the beginning and as the story unravels is written very beautifully. Although the story is told through Lou’s point of view, there are some parts where the perspective is from another character and even then, it is just brilliantly bought to life. It is a nice change to see their narratives as the story moves forward and how their individual lives are dealing with what is happening around them. 

The way Will starts to open up to Lou and although he is living with his own condition, the way he is shown to help Louisa with her life and learning new things and experiencing things she hasn’t before, makes you fall in love with Will’s character. He struggles with his own pain daily but wants to make a difference for someone else. 
The level of emotion portrayed in this book is both beautiful yet heart-breaking, through Wills accident and the hardships he faces every day and Louisa who just wanted a job but is in the middle of a difficult and life changing situation, you just don’t want to put the book down. Moye’s really does the book justice by being real, the way in which Will’s character is portrayed there is no falseness in it, she doesn’t make it all perfect for him with him being so wealthy and the fact that the disability is has taken him to such a low in his life that nothing anyone will ever do can get him out of it. Its such a heart-breaking yet heart warming book. 

Another topic that is highlighted in very interesting manner throughout the book is the role parents play in a child’s life no matter what their age. One is your advocate and in this book it is wills father, he was more understanding and accepting of what will wanted and one is always their to protect you no matter what you want to do yourself. Camilla Traynor’s who is wills mothers character in the book was shown in a way any mother would be loving and protective of her child at any cost.

I have to admit I did actually watch the movie first and fell in love with it, then later decided to read the book and i was so pleasantly surprised and regretted the fact that I should have read the book first because it is as beautiful as the movie. If you haven’t yet read this book, please read it!

Rating 5/5
“I let him know a hurt had been mended in a way that he couldn’t have known, and for that alone there would always be a piece of me indebted to him.”

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With Love A.

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