How To Remove Makeup Quickly

How effective is your makeup removing routine? Are sure you have removed it all?

Many times we think we have removed it all but the residue is still left on our skin, it has just moved from one place to another. 

A very common mistake everyone makes is that they forget about their neck! when applying foundation we go down to our necks for it to be blended but do we always remember to remove it from their too. I know i have forgotten many times. 

My routine consists of using an oil based cleanser (my absolute favourite is the camomile butter cleanser), alternatively you can use coconut oil, which i do find myself reaching for the most. wipe off and use micellar water to take the residue off. Micellar water will attract the oil so it will pick it up from the face as it has an oil loving side and a water loving side. 

The next step is to wash the face with simple face wash, this is my absolute favourite it has no fragrance and is great for sensitive skin. cleanse twice with this face wash. double cleansing will ensure that any product left is fully removed. Wipe away gently with a towel. 
Now you are ready for your night time skincare routine!

  • be gentle when applying any product
  • use lukewarm to cold water
  • gently dry with the towel, avoid being too harsh
  • ensure you go all the way down to your neck.

With Love A.

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