Hi I’m A (A for Anonymous, for the first letter of the alphabet or the first letter of my name, who knows). This blog is dedicated to teaching you about some of the mistakes i have learnt from that i wish i knew before. Only if i knew before.

I love skincare! i believe having great skin is key. you can feel confident with a bare face plus wearing makeup is way more effortless and it looks flawless if the skin underneath is prepped well. Its a win win situation. I am South Asian and not many skincare brands cater for skin of colour, so i am hoping to through this space educate my self and others on what would work best for our skin type and what to avoid

Being petite (just about 5ft) i have always struggled the find clothes that fit properly in all the right places and aren’t too long especially with jeans. Its always been a big struggle of mine, finding good clothing perfect for my size makes me so happy which is why i want to share anything i find on here.

Reading was never a hobby of mine until recently i started reading a book (me before you) and it just made me feel different about life and i just wanted to keep going and reading and exploring different genres and i absolutely love it now. (i know i’m abit too late).

Lastly i just want to use this space to give any tips and tricks i have used throughout the years and all the mistakes i have made in all aspects of life to help anyone that may be looking for answers.