A Guide to Becoming Hair-free

Hair removal has been the one thing that i have struggled with my whole life as a South Asian girl (if you know you know).  I have tried nearly all forms of hair removal and after many years i think i have found what works the best.


Shaving is a good way of getting rid of hair fast. Depending on the area of the body – you need to determine how many blades would be best. Some areas don’t require as intensity as others. Personally i find that using men’s razors work better. However one of the downside is that skin in some areas that is more sensitive can become red and bumpy but it will not stay for too long. Overall i would recommend shaving if you are in a hurry and don’t mind that the hair will grow back in a number of days.
Pain Score 0/10

Depilatory Creams

 This way of hair removal gets rid of each hair follicle at the base, but doesn’t remove it completely – its as easy as wiping the hair off. It is a very quick way of getting rid of unwanted hair, its fast and takes little effort, however i would not recommend as with this form you have to be very careful and read instructions religiously as leaving it on for too long can burn the skin.  
pain score 0/10


These are hand held devices which have some tweezers that rapidly move around plucking hair as you move it on your body. It removes hair from the root of the hair follicle meaning it will be a longer time until you have to remove the hair again – about 6 weeks. You can also get some that can be used in the shower or some that are battery operated rather than plug ins. I would not recommend this way of hair removal for a number of reasons. As well as it being super painful, the noise it makes is very loud and sounds aggressive. Also you have to try to not take a shower for 24hrs post as it can cause small red bumps for the first few hours.
Pain score 8/10


This is a very effective way to remove hair. It can be found in a tub or on strips. Using wax removes hair from the root so it has a longer regrowth at around 4 weeks. It is a good way to remove hair and i would highly recommend if you have a high pain threshold.However with waxing as well you can get red bumpy skin for a few days so i would avoid hot showers for 24 hours. 
pain score 6/10


 The only permanent way of hair removal. The process includes a very small needle inserted into each hair follicle and is zapped with a small amount of electric current, then each hair is plucked individually. Consistent treatments is essential and work better in permanently being hair free. It is however on the pricey side.
pain score – never tried it so don’t how painful it is.


A few years ago i would go to a professional laser salon to get laser hair removal every 6 weeks. The laser she used was diode which works best for dark hair and light skin. The way it works is each hair cycle the hair follicle is zapped feeling like a rubber band hitting the skin. 80% reduction is what is advertised but it is not permanent and takes a long time to actually see results along with it being pricey too, i dont think it is worth it. For me it just was not working after many sessions and not much result and spending so much money i felt like i was not getting anywhere with the hair. 
pain score 4/10 


I came across this handheld device a little over a year ago. I followed all the instructions and set the device up. It has different intensity settings which means you can dial it up or down according to preference. The way it works is by using light flashes that target the pigment in the hair to basically kill the hair using heat. This by far has been the best way for me to remove hair – especially for south Asian skin. I literally see hair growth every few months and it is very patchy and thin!
pain score 3/10

Hair or no Hair we are all Beautiful 

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With Love A.

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