How To Reduce Puffy Eyes

Did you know the number one mistake you have been making in your skincare routine? The mistake nearly everyone makes is using the same moisturiser they use on their face also around their eyes. This is the number one mistake to be avoided because the under eye area is so delicate and facial creams are so thick that when applied under the eye they can cause increased puffiness and can be more irritating.

So what are puffy eyes? Puffy eyes are basically swelling under the eyes. Swelling is fluid retention so because it is very thin and delicate under the eyes it is more visible. The Skin under eyes is very thin compared to the rest of your face so it will react differently.
Some things that can cause puffiness are increased alcohol consumption and cosmetics.
So to help decrease this we need to reduce the volume of fluid in this area which will lead to less swelling. To do this we need to vasoconstrict the blood vessels under the eyes which can reduce swelling and make them less visible.

Tips – Try and wear less makeup as this can irritate and inflame the skin.

– Try and cool the area and constrict the veins under your eye so it is less visible.

– Be gentle when applying skincare or makeup.

To help combat this we need to calm the skin, for this we can use chamomile or cucumber, we also need to increase circulation and decrease inflammation. In order to vasoconstrict The Ordinary Caffeine solution 5%+EGCG is a good product to apply around the eye area as it wont irritate. You can also use ice cubes or wet tea bags to do this as these will help contract the blood vessels.

Having a consistent eye care routine is vital. We spend most days looking, reading, driving, watching this then puts a strain on our eyes.

My night time routine
– 3 to 4 nights collagen eye mask for 20 minutes.
Aonokoy collagen under eye patches and Pinpoxe eye treatment mask are two good products with really good ingredients to have for an eye mask.
Some ingredients to look out for :
Collagen , Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid and Green tea extract.
– After this I apply The Ordinary Caffeine solution 5% +EGCG – this will help vasoconstrict the blood vessels under your eye therefore minimising appearance of them. Caffeine is also an antioxidant this can also improve the appearance of dark under eyes.
– Then add Cerave eye cream – this is a very thin cream for delicate area.

These are all tips and tricks I have tried and succeeded with however they are not permanent as there are still many factors that can cause this regardless of using these products e.g
– Not getting enough sleep
– Not having a balanced diet
– Too much salt can cause water retention
– Stress

*This is a routine and products that have worked really well for me, this may not work for everyone. Please seek a professionals for any further skincare concerns.

*Post Contains Affiliate Links

With Love A.

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